After a fire, buildings are full of toxic, carcinogenic smoke, which can be harmful to your health. If not cleaned promptly and properly, this type of smoke can also be very corrosive to your home and belongings. Fires also leave behind very strong odors which will linger if not addressed by a professional.

SCCS offers several services to help you after a fire. We can begin this process by boarding up your home, ensuring that your personal belongings are protected from intruders and the elements. After this, we pack out all of the salvageable items and take them to our warehouse to be cleaned. Once your belongings are secured, we clean your home or business using various tools and equipment designed specifically to clean damage caused by fire and smoke. This will help rid your home of odors and discoloring due to residual ash and smoke damage.

Is it safe to remain in my home after a fire?

The smoke from a fire is very toxic, it is not recommended to stay in your home during the restoration process, unless the damage is extremely minimal. This should be determined by a qualified expert.

Can I do some of the fire cleanup myself?

It is recommended that you hire a professional to ensure that the cleanup is done properly and will not cause problems down the road. Professional cleaners have all of the skills, equipment, and technology to ensure that your home is cleaned properly and left smelling smoke-free.

Is SCCS able to board up my home?

Yes. Specialty Cleaning & Contracting Services is happy to help you with boarding up your home. This helps keep your personal belongings safe and your home sealed off from the elements.

What can be done about the smoke smell in my home after a fire?

At SCCS, we utilize the latest technology in deodorizing your home. The process and equipment that we use to restore your home or business after a fire ensures that you will have no residual smoke odor.

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