My Home Is Flooded, Now What?!

Water damage can occur for a number of reasons, from severe storms and burst pipes to sewage backups and leaking appliances. Regardless of the source, water damage is something that needs to be addressed immediately, and it can be overwhelming to know just exactly where to begin with this process.

The first call you should make, any time you are dealing with water damage, is to a professional restoration company to help drain and dry your home or business. If water is left to sit even for just a few hours, mold and bacteria will start to grow very rapidly, and a strong odor will start to fill the area. Your home and belongings can also be damaged during this time, and this can include sagging drywall, warping or rotting wood, bubbling or peeling paint, and ruined carpet. A professional restoration company will work to minimize any additional damage, continuously monitor moisture levels in your home, and do a thorough job of drying the affected area.