SCCS offers several services to help you after a fire. We begin by boarding up your home, ensuring that your personal belongings are protected from intruders and the elements…
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Because water damage is something that needs to be dealt with promptly, we start the cleaning process right away. We begin with water extraction, followed by the drying process…
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At SCCS, we utilize the latest technology in both mold detection and remediation. We will complete several air and surface tests to determine the extent of the problem…
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One Call Takes Care of It All

  • Randy B.- ``Everything looked great and was done in a timely manner.``
  • Jenifer C.-``Vinnie and his crew were an absolute LIFESAVER when our basement flooded last summer. they were prompt, so courteous, and our basement looks better than before! thank you, SCCS!!!``
  • Cindy G.- ``Vinnie and his crew were amazing to detect and get rid of moisture in our previous residence. Professional and quick! These are the guys to hire.``
  • Jane M.- ``I used Specialty Cleaning and Contracting Services after my home was struck by lightening and started an attic fire. They made sure everything was replaced, cleaned and had no trace of smoke odor when the work was finished. They also made sure that everything was paid for by my insurance. Unfortunate things happen but it is good to have someone around who knows how to clean up the mess.``

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  • My Home Is Flooded, Now What?!

    Water damage can occur for a number of reasons, from severe storms and burst pipes to sewage backups and leaking appliances. Regardless of the source, water damage is

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fire Cleanup and Restoration

What can be done about the smoke smell after a fire?

At SCCS, we utilize the latest technology in deodorizing your home. The process and equipment that we use to restore your home or business after a fire ensures that you will have no residual smoke odor.

Water Damage and Repair

What effects can water damage have on my home or business?

Water damage can have disastrous effects on your home or business if not addressed promptly such as: sagging drywall, warping or rotting wood, bubbling or peeling paint, and ruined carpet. Depending on the source of the water, such damage can also lead to potential health hazards.